Accelerated Cloud Services

We are an organization that provides a cloud acceleration service has network infrastructure specifically designed to provide high-speed data transfer and routing. WHS offers security, uptime, and layers of data and power redundancy.

Availability Infrastructures

High availability infrastructure, a combination of hardware, software, and applications that are designed to recover quickly in case of outages and maintain functionalities. We assures minimum downtime and more than 99% availability.

Enterprise Storage

Our Enterprise NVMe as well as SSD Drives are fast and suitable for high-performance Tier 0 computing, server and storage systems that require high levels of performance and reliability.

Fast Processors

The servers are equipped with last versions of top leading processors such as AMD Ryzen™ CPUs, DDR4 ECC Memory and Enterprise Storage (Samsung PM NVMe), with H+4 hardware replacement guarantee.


Two Factor Authentication, or also known as 2FA, is an extra layer of proactive protection used to ensure the security of control panels and client area accounts beyond just a username and password.

Optimized & Secured Network

WHS’s network optimization and security is a set of tools and techniques used to improve network performance and reliability.

Scalable Environment

Our servers and network setups have the ability of an organization to perform well under an increased or expanding workload.

Antivirus & Fraud Protection

Our servers use cPGuard and Imunify360 that are fast, light and intuitive protection against Viruses and Attacks. Antivirus, firewall, WAF, PHP security layer, patch management, are just some of the benefits you will get.

Innovative Software

We rely on the latest innovative software solutions, which sets us apart from most hosting providers. We use technologies like Nginx and Litespeed to be able to give always more speed, stability and adaptability to client systems.

Backups in Remote Datacenter

Your sensitive data is well-stored and secured with us. Our JetBackup backup software keeps it on distance storage, which is a proper way to ensure that whatever happens with your web actives, you will have it back with no time. Our practice shows that data backup is an integral process in offering a stable and secure hosting service.

Easy, Complete and Advanced Solutions
for Your Enterprise Business Needs

Whatever your needs are, we provide your with industry leading solutions that can help you manage and protect critical business data across your systems and applications, on your premises, and in our clouds.

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